Founder - Managing Director

Photo Dr. Arumugam Gounder

Dear Parents / Guardians,

With immense pleasure and gratitude, I take this opportunity to introduce myself as Chairperson of 'GD Goenka, Toddler House, Bikaner'. We at GD Goenka Toddler House, aspire to strive cleverly to achieve our most inspired motto 'Passion for Excellence'

'Education' is a joint venture, an association between the school and home to ensure a child's successful future. Even more, my observation in the field of education makes me say this with the conviction that the foundation of a successful school depends on the kind of co-operation between the learners, mentors, parents and the community. Parents play a vital role in our journey towards excellence and your contribution shall be priceless support to us.

I assure you of a relentless contribution from the team of GD Goenka Toddler House to help each child, shape in an intelligent, skilled and committed Indian citizen with a global perspective.

I look forward to your kind association, valuable support and a healthy rapport that shall assist us in the holistic development of each child.

I would like to end with the words of Albert Einstein - "Imagination is more important than knowledge, for while knowledge defines all that we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create."

- Dr. Arumugam Gounder

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