Age group - 18 months to 24 months

A safe environment, rich with opportunities for your child to explore, learn and grow.

Our playgroup program is designed to help the child's transition from home to school. It assists the child in getting accustomed to a structured, stimulating environment of learning and play. It builds on his skill sets and works towards crafting play and learning that will enhance his growth.

A child's first two years are critical for the development of the brain and for language development. During this period, the child's life experience plays a fundamental role in the "hard-wiring" of the brain, laying the foundation for all intellectual and emotional development to follow.

From birth, children are busy, active learners, immediately investigating the sights, sounds, and feel of the world. They are sensori-motor beings and explore the world with their senses when developing motor skills. Long before they understand a concept like "under" or "far" with their minds, their bodies are learning to navigate the up and down, over and under of the physical world: their perceptions are sorting out sizes, colours, and shapes.

The teachers take the child through a journey of singing, dancing, play and body movements. The themes develop the child's cognitive functions, grasping power, motor and social skills and build his confidence and self-esteem.

Age group - 2 years to 3 years

An exciting world where children can develop their independence, discover new objects and explore their powers to communicate.

A child's third year is a time of huge change as they are moving from the total dependence of babyhood to the more independent, mobile world of preschoolers. At this age children are exploring their powers to communicate, to move purposely, to assert their independence and individuality, and to control their important bodily functions.

We at Toddler House provide the child with an environment that will jump-start the developmental process. Our Staff understands the frequent changes in moods, interests, and capabilities and provides calm, consistent care and supportive teaching. This program helps the child develop his latent creative, language and maths skills.

Age group - 3 years to 4 years

Where young learners can build their confidence and skills, problem solve and gain an increasing understanding of the world around them.

As children move out of toddlerhood and into the independence of the pre-school years, the programme for learning develops into a more structured pace of meaningful and purposeful learning where children are encouraged to approach the world with curiosity and with a positive disposition to learn. At this stage, children need confidence and the skills and desire to think for themselves, to solve problems, to work with others, to communicate, and to gain an increasing understanding of the world and how it works. It includes pre-writing, pre-reading, pre-maths, science and social skills. These are taught in a natural and logical sequence; thereby encouraging the child to learn a step at a time.

Age group - 4 years to 5 years

A comprehensive, focused and skill-based program. Continuous development of language skills and learning makes this program the perfect way to groom the little one for his big debut into full-time formal schooling. The Kindergarten program of Toddler House prepares the child for primary school education. It facilitates the smooth transition from pre-school to a structured learning environment of the formal school.

It is designed to lay the pedagogical foundations that prepare every child to be ready to read: confidently equipped with the desire, vocabulary, and language-deciphering skills they have developed through experiences that are meaningful to them.

It enables them to approach the world with curiosity and the knowledge and skills that lead to success in maths and science along with a growing interest in the properties of things and the relationships and forces that exist in the natural world. The program promotes the use their social skills to adapt in a school classroom through listening skills, self-discipline, patience, and discipline for the task, ability to work with others, and ability to solve problems.

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